We’re the first fashion brand to share our values with You. You may wonder why? Because we’re living in an era where COMMUNITY matters, which we embed not only in our products, but also in the message we want to convey to our community.
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The fashion world sometimes seems too ephemeral, literally translating what’s deemed as “beautiful” straight from the catwalk.  We, by contrast, believe in fashion and its accessories as a reflection of the world at large, that of humanity and wilderness, and about the importance of storytelling.


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Nous sommes une marque de luxe qui reflète la passion des artisans italiens et leur tradition, il s'agit de design moderne. Equipoise, c'est à propos de Rome, Milan et de la Rivière du Brenta, où notre cuir de haute qualité est produit en Italie pour le monde entier.

Equipoise is about innovation and about all those discoveries that had revolutionized the world.


Equipoise is

Gender Neutral.

We believe that everyone should feel free to be both sensitive AND strong. Starting by defining ourselves by what we are, without any fear or shame, without feeling caged in by gender stereotypes. Everyone has the right the make decisions about their own body and lives.

Equipoise is about


We define harmony as being a merging of opposites – yin and yang.  It’s a more complex vision of order, involving the interaction between all parts of the world.

Equipoise is about


Each and every one of us is born with potential in a world filled with possibilities and from the get-go, our lives revolve around the notion of the promise of reaching our potential. Let’s face it:  ALL of us are one of a kind.  Which is why we’ve been searching tirelessly for the highest quality, the best design, and the most innovative product in order to come up with the most succulent recipe, irresistible for everyone For you. That’s what alchemists do!


We go beyond the seductive power of craftsmanship (and Italian artisans craft like no others). We believe in Made in Italy as #ART liberating your soul, encouraging people to go further.